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ASCD Empower21: The Conference for Learning, Teaching, and Leading Together

We are planning for Empower21 to be one of the most inspiring and content-rich ASCD annual conferences ever! Given the challenges that everyone is facing, and the growing reliance on educators and education as the foundational core to our communities, the gathering of educators in Washington D.C. next March promises to be an event that reinvigorates and further develops a movement of essential impact makers.

Empower21 has been sub-themed Leaving Something Behind to elevate the meaning and relevance of the role of educators and the motivations that you bring to your work every day. For educators, ultimate success is based on the success of others. You undertake professional learning to ensure growth in the learning of others. Ultimately, your commitment to service is undergirded by your desire to nurture the success of individuals and by the lasting impact your selfless efforts have on communities. Your legacy impact, driven through daily commitment, is ultimately measured by what your efforts leave behind, to be counted and valued for generations to come. Now more than ever, that commitment to service needs to be elevated and celebrated and we aim to do just that at Empower21 as part of the conference experience.

District of Columbia