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Council of Presidential Awardees in Mathematics (CPAM) Annual Leadership Seminar

CPAM Leadership Seminar Sponsored by Texas Instruments

Mathematics for Human Flourishing & Building Human Themes into Your Teaching of K-12 Math with Francis Su, Harvey Mudd College

This seminar is the sixteenth in the series of CPAM Leadership Seminars and is made possible by a grant from Texas Instruments. CPAM gratefully acknowledges the support of TI.
Check-in begins at 1:30 PM with the program starting promptly at 2:00 PM. Refreshments will be provided.

Description of the Session
Part 1: Mathematics for Human Flourishing K-12.
 What is mathematics, who is it for, and why should anyone learn it?  There are better answers to this question than the ones we’ve been giving.  If you are passionate about anything in your life, it’s because it meets some deep human need.  I believe the same about math – that in order for students to want to learn mathematics, we have to show them how it connects to their basic human desires – such as a desire for truth, or for beauty, or for freedom, or for community.  I’ll explain how mathematical thinking is part of what it means to be a human being, and builds virtues that serve us well no matter where our life takes us.  A prison inmate has helped me see this more clearly than ever before.
Part 2: In the second part of our session, Building Human these into your Teaching of Math K-12, we’ll explore practical ways to build human themes into the teaching of mathematics.  Students will be more motivated to learn mathematics if you appeal to their basic human desires.  Participants will develop plans for their own classes.

Francis Edward Su is the Benediktsson-Karwa Professor of Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College, and past president of the Mathematical Association of America. He has a passion for teaching and popularizing mathematics. From the Mathematical Association of America, he received the 2018 Halmos-Ford award for writing, and the 2013 Haimo Award for distinguished teaching. His new book Mathematics for Human Flourishing paints an inclusive picture of what math is, who it is for, and why anyone should learn it. You can learn more about Dr. Su on his homepage.

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