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National Association for Multicultural Education 2021 Conference

A global pandemic, social distancing, inequitable vaccine availability, a threat to democracy by domestic insurrection, public school funding for special education and other equity-focused programs in jeopardy, teaching and learning via zoom and other virtual platforms leaving many of us feeling alone and isolated…. The world is indeed troubled. Multicultural education is a beacon of light and hope for students, educators, families and communities alike through its commitment to social justice and culturally inclusive and unifying practices that pave the path to a brighter and more just future.

As we move toward living in places of peace and justice, NAME and our friends and allies encourage conversations about possible ways to address the inequities and systems that stand in the way of progress. NAME and our 2021 Conference Committee invite change agents in education and beyond to submit proposals for presentations to be included in our 31th annual conference.  As we convene in Anaheim for the 31st Annual International NAME Conference, we honor those on whose shoulders we stand.  We encourage you to contribute to the conversation.

NAME and 2021 NAME Conference Chair,  Ludwig van Broekhuizen invite educators, community activists and change agents to our 2021 annual conference to join us, as we re-charge our dedication to multicultural education. We encourage our members – students, educators, and activists – to submit proposals for posters, presentations, interactive workshops, and roundtables.