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COVID-19, school closures, and models of support

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Share what is happening in your district and state related to the Corona virus and school closures. Does your school have a plan to support teachers, parents and students who might be home for an extended period? With the large representation of teachers on we can learn of challenges being faced, and strategies employed around the country. You must join this group in order to receive notifications of new posts.


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Learning Blade is providing FREE Student/Parent Activities to be used for Remote Learning Time. This resource just became free to schools due to COVID-19. It is focused on middle school, has activities, and focuses on STEM careers.

Please tell us where you are from, if you are teaching elementary, middle or high school, and share the context of the situation in your city in relation to the Corona Virus, student questions, and school closures. What challenges and strategies are being developed or employed to meet this situation?  Also tell us if your students have access to online learning and if so how your district plans to use it.  If we get a robust discussion going we can create separate threads for elementary, middle and high. 


Good afternoon!


Now that I am in a distance learning situation, I am looking for an effective way to teach my students how to upload photo and video to the Google Suite (Docs, Slides). I figured that I would check to see if there is an already existing resource before creating my own "how-to video." 


Thanks in advance!