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Video Showcase

The STEM Teacher Leadership Video Showcase features 3-minute videos submitted by teacher leaders and those engaged in creating teacher leadership programs. View their inspiring stories!

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Recruiting STEM Teachers: UT Tyler UTeach

The University of Texas at Tyler UTeach program is unique that it is housed at the second smallest UTeach replication site in the country. The program also prepares teachers for rural settings in East Texas. The NSF Noyce Award was instrumental for the success of the UTeach replication. UT Tyler was the top producer of STEM Teachers for Cohort 2 of UTeach Institution during the award period. The video will also highlight the unique teacher preparation opportunities associated with the Noyce Scholars at UT Tyler. This included placement and preparation in a university STEM Charter School, the Innovation Academy at UT Tyler, and opportunities to participate in informal STEM at the UT Tyler managed Science Discovery Place as well as the Mobile STEM Lab. The video will highlight the experiences of NOYCE scholars as well as the settings in which they were prepared.

NSF Awards: 1035462

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May 2016
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