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andrew Frisch
Farwell Area School
Job Title
Science, Mathematics, STEM teacher
Subject Area
Current Role

I would like to introduce myself as Andrew Frisch.  I am a 22-year, master, high school science and math teacher in central Michigan.  I have a passion for STEM education. Knowing that the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and its three-dimensional Performance Expectations will require a STEM approach towards educating students.

            As a teacher when I look around at my fellow science and math teachers and access their familiarity with STEM, NGSS, and 3D learning expectations, there is a real disconnect between what higher education, industry, and manufacturing expects and what is happening within classrooms.

            I am developing professional development at will assist district, departments, and teachers towards full implementation of STEM, NGSS, and 3D learning expectations within every classroom.