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Anel Albertao
The Grove School
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Teacher Educator
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My name is Anel (Ahnnelle).

I am a mestiza, a blend of Spanish and Indigenous blood.

I say a mixture of cultures, powers and secrets.

I am on a mission to bridge educational needs with educational technology because learning in the 21st century is about more than just passing a test.


I come from the fringes of society; undocumented, poor and first generation college student.

Today I am a mother, wife, daughter, citizen of the United States, a Georgetown University graduate and a 1st Gen Educator & Innovator.

My philosophy for work and life is to seek-out untraditional paths in order to give rise to new insights . This mindset has been a portal to wonderful experiences, like my time as a hybrid student in the Learning, Design, and Technology Masters program at Georgetown University.

Today, I question processes, purpose, and outcomes with the lense of equity. This human quality is what makes me Robot Proof.

Thus, I put into the world a request to do meaningful work with people who want to bring about positive transformation through learning, design and technology.

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