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Full Name
Douglas Baltz
Birmingham Public Schools. Oakland University TDES
Job Title
STEM R&D Coordinator. Adjunct Instructor TDES
Subject Area
Program Affiliation: Other
STEM Education Research

Douglas Baltz is an AP Physics teacher for 30+ years and a National STEM Education Leader.  He is also an Adjunct Instructor at Oakland University’s Science Teacher Development and Educational Studies and actively serves on the Executive Board of the SE Michigan STEM Ecosystem.  Doug is passionate about STEM educational best practices, research education models, and bridging the STEM opportunity gaps for ALL. 

His colleagues regard him as an “Architect of STEM Engagement” - building talent pipelines and partnerships with professionals and surrounding Higher Education Institutions in SE Michigan. Doug develops STEM engagement blueprints with authentic data collections and coordinates the nationally recognized STEMx Research and Design course within Birmingham Public Schools.

Recently, Doug served as a TOP STEM Fellow in Germany and Albert Einstein Fellowship at the National Science Foundation, Education and Human Resources Directorate, Division of Undergraduate Education.  His NSF portfolio includes active council/input of the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program and an extensive research component which identified roles and capacity building of STEM educational partnerships (support system models) for public schools. 

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