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David Mangus
Brockton High School
Job Title
Science Department Head/STEM Liaison
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Program Affiliation: Other
Brockton High School

Dave is a former research scientist who transitioned to becoming a high school teacher seven years ago.  Consistent with educational research, he finds students are much more invested in authentic research experiences than a traditional high school classroom typically provides. He developed and lead an innovative four-year, non-vocational biotechnology pathway for several years before transitioning to the role of Science Department Head this year. In his classes, students explore fundamental concepts in biology using an engineering perspective (genetic engineering, synthetic biology, and biomimicry). His students are particularly interested in how antibiotic misuse has resulted in the growing “antibiotic crisis”. To address this issue, they have performed experiments looking at how antimicrobial resistance forms and searched for novel antibiotic-producing bacteria in local soil samples.  When he is not in the lab, Dave is likely outside gardening or kayaking with his family.

2016-2020 Governor’s STEM Advisory Council Member - Massachusetts. 2018-2019 Massachusetts DESE Teacher's Advisory Cabinet. 2019-2020 Massachusetts DESE Principal's Advisory Cabinet. 2019 CDC Science Ambassador. 

2016 National Association of Biology Teachers Ron Mardigian Biotechnology Teaching Award Recipient. 2016 Hall at Patriot Place Presented by Raytheon Massachusetts STEM Teacher of the Year. 2018 Massachusetts Outstanding Biology Teacher Award Recipient. 2019 National Science Teachers Association Ron Mardigian Memorial Bio-Rad Explorer Award Recipient.