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Denise Schultz
Rochester City School District
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Instructional Math Coach
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I am a passionate and progressive educator with a commitment to foster a sense of self-efficacy in all students. My vision is to banish the culture of math failure from our classrooms by replacing it with a love and understanding of mathematics for both teachers and students. Thanks to many amazing opportunities and a long list of professional development, I have a strong understanding of teaching and learning mathematics. Probably the most impactful professional learning came from a 6-year NOYCE fellowship with the Warner School of Education at the University of Rochester where I earned my Master Teacher of Mathematics certificate.

I currently work as an instructional math coach for the Rochester City School District at one of our elementary schools but my work for the district over the past 18 years has focused on teaching and learning mathematics in grades 3-8. I am also an adjunct professor at Nazareth College in the Early Education Department at the graduate level. I completed the training at Mt. Holyoke College to become a certified DMI Trainer for my own district and I have engaged as a participant, facilitator, and instructional coach for multiple MSP funded programs over the years. Currently I am continuing my work with the Warner Center of Education as one of the online coaches on the project titled “Synchronous Online Professional Learning Experiences for Middle Grades Mathematics Teachers in Rural Contexts.”

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