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Deborah Little
Denver Elementary School, Denver, IA
Job Title
Fourth Grade Teacher
Subject Area

Deborah “Deb” Little has been a teacher for 27 years, teaching for the last 15 years at Denver Elementary School. She currently teaches fourth grade mathematics, reading, and writing. She has also taught first grade and Title 1/Reading Recovery in the Denver Community School District. Prior to that, she taught in the Waterloo and Cedar Falls School Districts.


Each day, Deb’s students engage in real world problems, work individually and collaboratively to find solutions, and defend and critique each other’s reasoning. Her students realize that it’s okay to make mistakes because there is much learning to be discovered through mistakes. Deb’s goals are for her students to develop conceptual understanding, to see themselves as problem solvers, and to use this confidence to seek STEM careers in the future.


Deb has worked with Central Rivers Area Education Agency mathematics consultants by providing learning lab sessions and videos of problem-based lesson to aid other Iowa educators in their teaching. In her role as a teacher leader, she has modeled problem-based lessons, three-act tasks, and number talks for her colleagues and has presented professional development at both the building and district level. Deb has a B.A. in elementary education and an M.A. in reading education from the University of Northern Iowa. She is certified to teach kindergarten through sixth grade.

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