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Doug Scott
Hopkinton High School
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Teacher / Dept. Head 6-12
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Hopkinton High School

Doug Scott is an Engineering and Robotics teacher at Hopkinton High School in Massachusetts.  He serves as the district leader in Technology and Engineering grades 6-12. Doug’s 17-year teaching career sprung from his coaching experiences, which have been instrumental in helping him motivate students.  A major part of his work has been “Minding The Gap” in STEM education, having increased female participation in his two districts of employment and assisting others nationwide. Hopkinton High School has seen an increase in female enrollment in his department from 7% to 35% in the four years Doug has led this initiative.  Doug is married to his supportive wife Marika and has a daughter, Anna, who is a major inspiration for him to continue “Minding The Gap” in STEM.

Doug has led numerous robotics and competitive BPA technology teams to state and regional championships as well as national and international competitions.  Nationally his technology teams have won seven titles and multiple top 3 placements. During his tenure Doug has grown the Hopkinton robotics program from 6 students total to a current count of 93 middle school and 73 high school students combining for 25 teams this year, including an elementary pilot team.

Doug accompanied two students from the Natick High School Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam to the fourth USPTO White House Science Fair in 2014 and their invention was awarded a U.S. Patent in 2017.   Doug serves as a Fellow for the Lemelson-MIT program and Ambassador for the USPTO assisting teachers and students nationwide through design processes and PD. Through these organizations Doug has helped draft national Invention Education standards which are now under review.  He was awarded the 2014 Massachusetts STEM Teacher of the Year and served on the Massachusetts Governor's STEM Advisory Council and Computer Science and Engineering Subcommittee to implement standards in classrooms. He is thankful to be a Massachusetts 2019 NSF PAEMST Finalist and to be recognized along with other dedicated teachers and he loves what he does each day.