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Gigi Carunungan
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Chief Learning Architect
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Gigi Carunungan has over 30 years’ experience as an education leader and is driven by her passion for reinventing education and for preparing students to succeed in a future called Globalization 4.0, where people face increasing competition from intelligent machines and jobs are still to be defined. She designs learning environments that nurture students’ potentials to optimal levels and develop their internal drive to thrive, using engaging and creative strategies that connect to every student’s unique sets of strengths.

Based in San Francisco Bay Area, California, Gigi is co-founder of two progressive Silicon Valley K-8 schools-- Synapse School and Imagination School. She led the design of these schools’ curricula and teacher-training with leading-edge, thematic, and experiential lesson strategies. Additionally, she designed the school-based, student-led interactive science learning lab and learning carnival, where students transform the school into a socially interactive celebration of learning, students learn from their peers.

Gigi invented the Helical Model™, a deep learning, constructivist pedagogy, anchored in a new field of learning, the intersection of neuroscience and education. In this deep-dive education model, students learn in five stages --play, explore, connect, imagine, and remember.

Additionally, Gigi’s learning strategies immerse students in socially interactive, solutions-oriented, and multiple modal activities, where they develop higher-order thinking as reflected in their performance, for example, in problem-solving, conceptual understanding, and transfer.

Currently, Gigi is a cofounder and Chief Learning Architect of Playnovate, an onsite-online S.T.E.A.M learning lab.

Gigi is the author of “Digital Media in the Classroom,” a teacher’s guide to integrating multimedia in teaching as well as providing creative lesson applications. She also wrote “Documentary Moviemaking for Middle School Social Studies.” Gigi is currently completing her doctoral program in Educational Leadership with her dissertation on reinventing math learning.