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James Yoos
Bellingham High School
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Science Teacher
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Jamie Yoos is a Quantitative Chemistry and AP Chemistry teacher at Bellingham High School in Bellingham, WA where he has worked for the past 15 of his 20 year teaching tenure.  Jamie graduated with honors from Warren Wilson College in 1990 with degrees in biology and chemistry.  After working as a chemist for a biotech company in Seattle, Jamie found his true passion in teaching and pursued a graduate degree in science education from the University of Rochester.  He is a National Board Certified teacher.

Jamie believes in making science education accessible to all students.  He has worked to develop curriculum that adjusts to his students’ interests and needs.  He actively incorporates “hands on” inquiry and technology to empower his students in their learning.  Jamie believes in meeting his students “where they are in their understanding,” and helps them to make connections between scientific principles and what they are seeing in their world.  He helps students to move past the fear of failure and focus on the learning rather than a score.  Jamie seeks out opportunities to teach in a variety of settings, and can often be found with a group of his anatomy and physiology students working the sidelines of athletic events teaching athletic injury prevention, assessment and rehabilitation.

Jamie is also active at the regional and state level, serving as a Washington State Science Fellow, helping his district with the transition to the new Washington State Science Learning Standards (NGSS).