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Kathy Renfrew
Wade Institute of Science Education
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Elementary Education Science Specialist, Professional Learning Provider, Coach
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“I am a passionate elementary science educator who believes quality science instruction is the way to excite and engage all learners. Although science is my focus, we must remember we do not live in silos and we shouldn't expect our students to learn in silos. We must strive to integrate and make connections whenever possible.”

Kathy Renfrew is an experienced elementary educator who has been privileged to hold many roles through her career. She began her career by spending two years teaching in Australia. When she returned to the states, she relocated to Vermont where she taught for over 30 years, some of that in a multiage setting. Kathy was recruited by the Vermont Agency of Education as the Elementary Science Assessment Coordinator. In that role she was intimately involved with the drafting, adopting and implementing The Next Generation Science Standards in Vermont. Kathy returned to MA where she has been an elementary science coach. Kathy has been the recipient of many awards during her career including the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching and National Board Certification Kathy has held many roles with NSTA including being an online advisor for the Learning Center, a  NGSS Curator and field editor for the Next Gen Navigator Newsletter. Kathy attended the University of Massachusetts in Amherst for her undergraduate degree in Human Development. She followed that with a M.Ed in Professional Teaching and a M.Ed in K-8 Science Education. Kathy’s voice as a blogger can be found on the Teaching Channel and as a bi-monthly blogger for MiddleWeb as “The Science Lady” Kathy believes science education is a right for all children regardless of the age.


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