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Karen Woodruff
Endeavor STEM Teaching Certificate Project
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Director of Endeavor STEM Teaching Certificate Project
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Endeavor STEM Teaching Certificate Project

Karen Woodruff is the Director of the Endeavor STEM Teaching Certificate Project as well as an adjunct instructor at Montclair State University, Rider University, and Adams State University. She is a professional development facilitator for the Mercy College Center for STEM Education and the PRISM Center at Montclair State University, where she earned her doctoral degree.

As Director of the Endeavor STEM program, Karen is honored to lead an amazing team of teacher educators dedicated to supporting integration of STEM/STEAM content and practices in classrooms. She has the pleasure of fostering collaborations with industry professionals to support innovative professional development opportunities for teachers. To date the Endeavor program has successfully awarded over 600 educators the Leadership Certificate in STEM Education through partnerships with NASA Office of Education and Teacher’s College, Columbia University.

Karen enjoys connecting teachers across the country with NASA scientists, engineers, and innovative problem-solvers through a Space Act Agreement with the agency. Collaborating with Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and the STEM Leadership Center, Endeavor offers fellowships for teachers in the Hudson Valley region to work directly with biomedical scientists and enhance their science and math teaching practices.

An experienced teacher educator, Karen enjoys working closely with school districts to support NGSS integration. She is passionate about equity in education and is dedicated to the preparation, support, and appreciation of teachers across diverse contexts. Karen started her teaching career in a canoe on the Lehigh River, connecting water quality and macroinvertebrate health with historical, cultural, and community-based science in the region. She believes that grounding content in student’s everyday experience and culture is a natural and powerful way to teach. She is always grateful for her mentors, students, and family, especially her kids, who she learns from every day.