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Marie Steckelberg
Steckelberg Consulting
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Education Consultant
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Program Affiliation: Other
Steckelberg Consulting

Dr. Marie Steckelberg has extensive experience in program and curriculum development, professional development, project/program development and management and grant writing.  Dr. Steckelberg has over 40 years of being a life toucher in youth and adult education.  She has taught in both the K-12 and informal education settings, taught teacher education at The University of South Dakota, served as the state director for Science Olympiad and education coordinator for two non-profit health organizations.

Dr. Steckelberg has developed and provided extensive professional development to both informal and K-12 educators, primarily in the area of STEM. Recognized as a leader in STEM professional development, NASA Johnson Space Center, Office of STEM Education, invited Dr. Steckelberg to be a member of the Network of States advisory committee. 

Dr. Steckelberg has served on various statewide committees, including the South Dakota State Science Standards Workgroup and also co-facilitated the SD Science Standards Translations for Instruction and Assessment Workgroups. She is currently a member of the Early Childhood Care and Education Stakeholder Group.

Dr. Steckelberg’s portfolio includes evaluator for the SD Space Grant Consortium, organizing and facilitating STEM and grant writing professional workshops, presentations to non-profits, and identifying grant funding sources and writing grants for non-profit agencies.  She also is a certified teacher trainer for the Engineering is Elementary and GLOBE programs.


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