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Dedric McGhee
Shelby County Schools
Job Title
STEM Manager
Current Role
Program Affiliation: Other
Tennessee STEM Innovation Network Planning Member

As a science educator, I regard scientific literacy as a pillar of support for effective science instruction and lifelong learning. The culture of high expectation and meaningful instruction with a focus on science and/or science integration supported by the K-12 Science Framework (2011) provides a blue print to understanding the three dimensions of learning science. I believe science literacy is imperative as our children question the natural world, make personal decisions, participate in civic and cultural affairs, increase economic productivity, and give back to our communities. I believe every child needs an effective teacher in the classroom with an appreciation for the sciences and science education. Real world experiences provide our children with primary experiences that develop skills for analysis.

NSTA's role is to provide our communities with opportunities to: promote policies and practices that impact teaching and learning, effectively communicate the needs of the science community with industries and legislatures, and value the contributions of all children.

As an officer, my envisioned activities are participating in regional/national events, engaging in conversations focused on enhancing student experiences, post secondary/industry partnerships, increased STEM connections, support for elementary education, and engaging our state partners in discussions concerning ESSA.