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Melanie Ramey
Highland Elementary School
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Melanie Ramey is an elementary school teacher with 13 years of experience.  She was a 2018 recipient of the Presidential Award of Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.  Melanie serves as a cooperating teacher for student teachers and is a mentor in the Johnson County New Teacher Induction Process.  She is a KyGoDigital Leader, former presenter at the Kentucky Center for Mathematics state conference, and was most recently named a Kentucky Math Teacher Leader.  Melanie is a member of her school leadership team and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)  team.  Some of her most passionate work is centered upon growth mindset in the mathematics classroom and using technology as a productive tool for teaching.

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I began my elementary teaching career in 2008. I fully immersed myself into the teaching profession, researching best practices and applying them in my classroom. When presented with opportunities for additional professional development, the answer was always yes. I was a sponge and never hesitated to put newly acquired teaching techniques into practice. My approach has always been from the perspective of a what could go wrong attitude. I often heard other teachers dismiss new teaching strategies without even attempting them. I’m the teacher who gives every new idea a chance. If it fails, then I simply have evidence to support my claim. It was in these early years that I learned one of the most important leadership roles is that of the teacher who leads from the classroom.

In my 9th year of teaching, I began to transition from new teacher to mentor. After years of working to prove myself, I realized my new purpose was to help other teachers in their professional development journey. I have had the great honor of serving as a mentor to student teachers and new teachers. I find this to be an incredibly rewarding experience to watch others discover and develop their love for teaching. I have also enjoyed leading professional development sessions for our school district and the Kentucky Center for Mathematics 2020 Conference. In 2018, I received the Presidential Award of Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. I do not know where my leadership journey will take me next, so I continue to pursue my passion for teaching mathematics as a Kentucky Math Teacher Leader and a 4th grade classroom teacher. Never underestimate the power of leading from the classroom. The influence of great teachers can not be bound by the walls that surround us.