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Full Name
Kalo Haslem
The Capitol Encore Academy
Job Title
STEAM and Technology teacher
Program Affiliation: Other

Title/Name: Mr. Kalo Haslem

Position: STEAM Specialist


Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science UNCP

Masters of Education in Specialization in Science Education UNCP


Mr. Kalo Haslem has been teaching since 2013. He taught 7th-grade science for 3 years and started the first STEM elective in Harnett County during the 2017-2018 school year. Over his years of teaching, he has developed a passion for applying technology into the classroom. He has become a Certified Ozobot Educator and Makey Makey’s April 2019 featured educator of the month. Over the past two years, he has created and developed a class that integrates technology, the arts, and common core topics. He works with UNCP’s Kids in the Garden program as their technology and STEM specialist and Project Access Saturday STEM Camp as the STEM Instructor. As the STEAM teacher, Mr. Haslem continues to refine his craft and learn new tools that can be applied to his class and integrated into core classes.