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Dario Soto
JFK Elementary School
Job Title
STEM Coach
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Windsor Board of Education

Dario Soto has worked in the education field for over 15 years. In that time, he has served in most different roles from a special education educator to developing a STEAM school for a Title I district. Through these experiences, as well as his background in educational psychology, he has developed ideas and protocols that can help in this unique opportunity in which  we find ourselves. 

Featured Member Story
Dario Soto is currently a STEM Coach at John F. Kennedy Elementary, Windsor Public Schools, in Connecticut. An educator for 15 years, he has taught at the elementary level, served as STEM/STEAM coach at the elementary and middle school level, and served as the STEM Teacher in Residence for the Hartford Public Schools District. Dario has coordinated afterschool programs, for grades 3-12, Project Lead the Way, Vex Robotics, First Lego League, and Technology Student Association. One of his most memorable projects was the development of an award-winning all-girl robotics team. He currently works with teachers on developing their STEM instruction both in-person and online.

He is a strong advocate for inquiry-based learning and STEM education for all students. It is evident through his teaching the strong belief in creating a hands-on experience that allows students to dive deeper into the understating of the content. Dario strives to give students the opportunity to reflect on their inquiry experiences, allowing for development and growth.

Dario enjoys participating in webinars, social media, and discussions as a way to expand his knowledge in STEM content and education. Through his involvement in other programs, he hopes to be able to offer his students, teachers, and colleagues a wide breadth of learning resources. Aiding them to not only see STEM as a content area but that they see STEM in the world around them, ultimately becoming STEM literate.

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