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Robert Walsh
Excalibur Solutions
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Robert received his B.S. from Mississippi State University in Secondary Mathematics Education, and he is nearing completion of a Master's degree in STEM Education Leadership.  Over the course of his career, he has been a teacher, a hardware technician, an IT director, a trainer, a programmer, a software tester, and a business owner.  His unique blend of skills in education, technology, and business allow him to communicate effectively with people in different roles within an organization.  He is able to relate to each of them as individuals and to capitalize on each person's specific goals and desired outcomes.

As a programmer, Robert has worked in numerous languages and technologies including C/C++, Objective C, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Perl, HTML, and XML.  He thinks of these as tools, and he prefers to match the language and technology to the problem rather than allowing them to dictate a particular solution.

As a trainer, Robert has presented sessions on software development and testing at many conferences since 2004.  He has written and co-authored articles in journals including Windows Developer and Software Test and Performance.

Robert believes strongly in delivering quality solutions that solve real customer problems and provide tangible business value.  Since 2002, he has been a proponent of Agile software development processes and techniques.  He helped bring Agile processes to EnvisionWare, a company that he helped create in October 1998.  Additionally, he hopes to leverage the knowledge gained in pursuit of his STEM Education Leadership degree to help schools start and strengthen STEM programs.

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