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Stephanie Gullage
St. Charles Parish Schools
Job Title
Instructional Facilitator for Gifted, Talented, and the Arts
Subject Area

I've taught since 1991, focusing mainly on mathematics from grade 3 to high school advanced levels, in the Christian and public sectors. That I taught math is a miracle--I was a gifted kid, but my math understanding was awful until high school. Maybe that's why God called me to teach math; before I could share it with others, I needed a foundation that was practical, conceptual, and functional, so perhaps my early math weakness was the seed for other people's success. In any case, I love showing kids (especially those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds like mine) the power of education to change life's trajectory. I am further honored to do it through the beauty of mathematics, the palette of God's order and artistry.

My husband Tony (33+ years now), and my three (adult) kids Anthony Jr (AJ), Charis, and Kevin, are the notes in my life's musical score and the happy thoughts that make me fly. I hold an A.A. in general studies from Monterey Peninsula College, a B.A. in elementary education from Southern University in New Orleans, an M.A. in special education (gifted and talented) from the University of New Orleans; I am working toward a Ph.D. in gifted education at LSU. I am Louisiana certified in elementary education, secondary mathematics, and gifted education, and I am National Board Certified in early adolescence mathematics. I hope to add state mentor teacher certification this year.

It's amazing what God can make from such humble beginnings, praise Him; but to paraphrase The Chosen's director Dallas Jenkins, all I could do was bring the loaves and the fishes.