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Protecting Laminate Floors The Right Way

Are you tired of damaging your laminate floors while trying to clean them? Fear not, as Joseph French has compiled here what to avoid and follow for proper laminate floor care.

While laminate floors are durable and can withstand constant foot traffic, they are sensitive and react adversely to various cleaning techniques that work for hardwood or vinyl flooring. Therefore, it's essential to use the appropriate cleaning techniques to preserve and elongate the lifespan of your laminate flooring.

Cleaning Laminate Floors: What To Avoid

When it comes to cleaning laminate hardwood floors, it's important to avoid the following three of the most common mistakes to keep your floor looking its best.

  • Do Not Use A Mop With Too Much Water

Using too much water when cleaning laminate floors is a bad idea as it can cause the flooring to warp and buckle over time. Mops with a lot of water also leave streaks and residue on the surface, making your floor look duller than before. For the best cleaning effect, you should use a laminate floor mop with just enough water to dissolve dirt and grime.

  • Do Not Use Abrasive Cleaners

Using abrasive cleaners can damage your laminate floors over time as it will strip away the protective layer of wax which is crucial for keeping the floor looking new. Instead, you should use a mild detergent or even just warm water when cleaning your laminate floors.

  • Do Not Use A Vacuum With A Beater Bar

Vacuums with beater bars are designed for carpets, and not for laminate floors as it can scratch the surface of the flooring. Therefore, you should use a vacuum that is specifically designed for hard surfaces such as laminate floors.

Cleaning Laminate Floors: What To Follow

To ensure that your flooring looks its best for years to come, following the right tools and tricks when it comes to cleaning laminate floors is essential.

  • Use The Right Cleaning Tools

When it comes to cleaning laminate floors, the right tools can make a huge difference. A microfiber mop or cloth is best for removing dirt and dust from the surface of your flooring, while a vacuum with a soft brush attachment is great for removing deeper debris. Additionally, you should use a mild detergent or even just warm water to clean away dirt and grime.

  • Clean Your Laminate Floors Regularly

Cleaning your laminate floors regularly is key for preserving their quality for years to come. Invest in the best mop for laminate floors and use it to sweep and mop the floors at least once a week, as this will help keep dirt and debris from building up on the surface. Additionally, make sure to clean any spills as soon as they occur - this will help prevent staining and damage to the flooring.

  • Reapply A Protective Layer Of Wax

By reapplying a protective layer of wax every few months, you can keep your laminate floors looking their best. This will help to seal in the shine and preserve the material over time. When applying wax, make sure to use a clean cloth that won’t scratch or damage your floors, and be sure to use it sparingly as too much wax can cause the flooring to become slippery.


By following these tips, you can ensure that your laminate floor stays looking its best and lasts longer. Remember to use the right tools, clean regularly, and reapply a protective layer of wax - as these are all essential for keeping your floors in good condition.