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University of Nebraska (Lincoln) NSF Noyce Master Teaching Fellows Program

Become a UNL NSF Noyce Science Master Teaching Fellow and receive $10,000 annual salary supplement!

Increase student interest and success in science by enhancing your knowledge of equitable and inclusive science teaching and learning. Apply for this new, five-year Educational Specialist Science Education and Educational Leadership certificate and long-term professional development program for secondary science teachers, funded by the National Science Foundation.

You will engage in National Board Certification and inclusive science education and teacher leadership activities and join a national community of NSF Noyce Master Teaching Fellows (MTFs). During this five-year fellowship, you’ll also participate in annual surveys and interviews as part of the project’s grant evaluation. These will take place at a time and location of your choosing and will pose no risk to you. Your principal will also be invited to participate in the project evaluation study. If selected as a Noyce MTF, you also will receive a $10,000 annual salary supplement.

Eligibility to Apply for Program

To be eligible for this MTF program, you must:

  • Be a current, experienced (ideally have taught for 5 years), secondary science teacher in a Nebraska high-need school who is passionate about innovative and inclusive science education and teacher leadership.
  • Be a full-time teacher in the classroom (i.e., not a science coach or curriculum specialist).
  • Have completed a master’s degree in science (MS) or science education/teaching (MA) (within 1 year of starting the program)
  • Your school will be considered high-need if the percentage of students receiving free or reduced lunch has been at or above the state average within the last three years. Visit the NDE Education Profiles website to find out. 
  • If accepted, you must teach for five years to complete the requirements of the Noyce MTF fellowship.
  • If you are unsure about your eligibility, please contact: Dr. Beth Lewis at elewis3@unl.edu
Posted: September 02, 2021
Posted by: Kimberly Descoteaux
Deadline to apply:
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