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Jim Allison: Breakthrough Film

Free education licenses and toolkit with lesson, labs, and more

Film can be a powerful instructional tool in the classroom and Jim Allison: Breakthrough is no exception.  

Whether or not your students are interested in pursuing the sciences, everyone should know more about what scientists do and see the human side of their lives.​

When you sign up, you will receive a link to the film and get a copy of our Educator Toolkit that includes lesson plans and answer keys. Sign up here:

We have divided the film up into 3 classroom-period-friendly segments that can be watched separately and have a set of companion activities.

Part I: Intro to Cancer
Part II: The Immune System
Part III: FDA Drug Development

Activities include lesson plans, discussion questions, workbook, lab activities, and career exploration activities. 

All activities have NGSS and/or AP Bio standards alignment. 

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