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AMP-IT-UP: Inspiring middle school teachers in STEM
Meltem Alemdar, Douglas Edwards, Jessica Gale, Sabrina Grossman, Jayma Koval, Roxanne Moore, Sunni Newton, Jeff Rosen, Marion Usselman
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PhET Interactive Simulations Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Advisory Board
Opportunity Mar 20, 2022
A Call for a Humanistic Stance Toward K–12 Data Science Education
Victor R. Lee, Michelle Hoda Wilkerson, Kathryn Lanouette
Resources Feb 10, 2022
NCTM Free Webinar: Sense-Making: Is It at The Core of Your Classroom?
Event Feb 3, 2022
NCTM Annual Meeting
Event Dec 7, 2021
Seeking MS and HS Teachers to Join our Teacher Advisory Board
Opportunity Nov 10, 2021
How Science and Engineering Practices Enhance STEM Teaching and Further Teacher Leadership
Amanda Lim, Katy Canote, Maria Louisa Soto, Ileana Bermudez Luna
Resources Nov 4, 2021
Inquiry-based Learning in Science and Mathematics
Wynne Harlen
Resources Nov 4, 2021
Center of Science and Mathematics in Context (COSMIC)
UMass Boston
Resources Nov 2, 2021
Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship Program
Opportunity Oct 27, 2021
TNTP Teaching Fellowship
Opportunity Sep 27, 2021
Knowles Teaching Fellows Program
Opportunity Sep 27, 2021
The Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program - Project Locator
Resources Sep 2, 2021
University of Vermont National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Scholarship for Teaching
Opportunity Sep 2, 2021
Santa Clara University National Science Foundation Noyce Fellowship
Opportunity Sep 2, 2021
Boston University Robert Noyce Scholarship Program
Opportunity Sep 2, 2021
STEMAZing Resource Collection
DaNel Hogan
Resources Sep 2, 2021
Explorations of Culturally Responsive STEM Pedagogies
Kristin Rainville, Mark Beekey, Andrew Lazowski, Bonnie Maur
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Research-based Methods Course for STEM Teacher Leaders
Amanda Gunning, Richard Macleish, Anjinette Piccirella, Julianna Puma Shallo, Anny Vanegas
Related Videos Aug 25, 2021
Master Mentors Make a Difference
Andrew Lazowski, Mark Beekey, Bonnie Maur, Kristin Rainville
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