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Teacher Leaders: Hands-on STEM Lessons During the Pandemic
Amanda Gunning, Terri Agravat, Lindsay Chudoba, Maureen Corrigan-Connell, Christian Esposito, Kiowa Garcia, Kristen Napolitano, Anjinette Piccirella, Anny Vanegas
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We’re REGAL!
Ayanna Shivers, Genae England, Nicholas Jackson, Brandon Palmer
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Impacts of STEMS^2
Tara ONeill
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Faiza Peetz, MD
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teachHOUSTON: The Journey of a STEM Teacher
Paige Evans, Cheryl Craig, Leah McAlister-Shields, Lexi (Elizabeth) Phillips, Donna Stokes, Jaspal Subhlok, Weihang Zhu
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NSTA List of Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K–12
Resources May 23, 2022
50+ Multicultural STEAM Books for Children
Resources May 23, 2022
Teach Engineering Website
Resources Apr 14, 2022
Modification and validation of the mixed-format Engineering Concept Assessment for middle school students using many-facet Rasch measurement
Kristin L. K. Koskey, Nidaa Makki, Wondimu Ahmed, Nicholas Garafolo, Donald P. Visco Jr.
Resources Apr 14, 2022
Opportunity Apr 12, 2022
Incorporating industrial design pedagogy into a mechanical engineering graphics course: a discipline-based education research (DBER) approach
Sunni Newton, Meltem Alemdar, Ethan Hilton, Julie Linsey, Katherine Fu
Resources Apr 11, 2022
K-12 Inventure Prize: Teacher Reflections on Educating K-12 Inventors
Roxanne Moore, Sunni Newton, Meltem Alemdar
Resources Apr 11, 2022
Integrating engineering in K-12 science education: spelling out the pedagogical, epistemological, and methodological arguments
Senay Purzer, Jenny Patricia Quintana-Cifuentes
Resources Mar 29, 2022
Inventing Designing and Engineering for All Students
Wendy Martin, Sylvia Perez, Ariana Riccio, David Wells
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PhET Interactive Simulations Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Advisory Board
Opportunity Mar 20, 2022
Fulbright Teachers for Global Classrooms Program
Opportunity Mar 10, 2022
Marine Education Fellowship
Opportunity Mar 10, 2022
Making time for great teaching: How better government policy can help
Jordana Hunter, Julie Sonnemann, Rebecca Joiner
Resources Mar 8, 2022
Science Teaching Research Study
Opportunity Mar 8, 2022
Learning on purpose: Ten lessons in placing student agency at the heart of schools
Charles Leadbeater
Resources Mar 3, 2022