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Kentucky Teacher Leadership Framework Resources
Empowered Educators Resources Linda Darling-Hammond
The Power of Invitation: Teacher Leaders as Agents of Change Resources Bill Zoellick, Molly Meserve Auclair, Sarah L. Kirn
Investing in Teachers’ Leadership Capacity: A Model from STEM Education Resources Susan R. McKay, Laura Millay, Erika Allison, Elizabeth Byerssmall, Michael Wittmann, Mickie Flores, Jim Fratini, Bob Kumpa, Cynthia Lambert, Eric A. Pandiscio, Michelle K. Smith
Teacher Leadership: Toward a New Conceptual Framework Resources Jill Harrison Berg, Bill Zoellick
The Instructional Leadership Corps: Entrusting Professional Learning in the Hands of the Profession Resources Rachel A. Lotan, Dion Burns, Linda Darling-Hammond
Leadership Matters: Teachers' Roles in School Decision Making and School Performance Resources Richard M. Ingersoll, Philip Sirinides, Patrick Dougherty
Aspiring to Lead: Physics Teacher Leaders Influencing Science Education Policy Resources Becky Bundy, Julie Dahl, Seth Guiñals-Kupperman, Katie Martino, Jeff Hengesbach, John Metzler, Trey Smith, Nichole Spencer, Amanda Whitehurst, Rebecca E. Vieyra
Defining Teacher Leadership: A Framework Resources Rebecca Cheung, Thomas Reinhardt, Elisa Stone, Judith Warren Little
Teacher Leadership Toolkit: Strategies to Build, Support and Sustain Teacher Leadership Opportunities Resources
Development of Teacher Leadership Identity: A Multiple Case Study Resources Somnath Sinha, Deborah L. Hanuscin
The Theoretical and Empirical Basis of Teacher Leadership: A Review of the Literature Resources Julianne A. Wenner, Todd Campbell
Urban Elementary Science Teacher Leaders: Responsibilities, Supports, and Needs Resources Julianne A. Wenner
Rethinking Teacher Leader Development: A Study of Early Career Mathematics Teachers Resources Kristin Shawn Huggins, Kristin Lesseig, Heidi Rhodes
From Teacher to Teacher Leader: A Conceptual Model Resources Jana Hunzicker
Increasing the Roles and Significance of Teachers in Policymaking for K-12 Engineering Education Resources National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Teacher Advisory Council, Steve Olson, Rapporteur
Exploring Opportunities for STEM Teacher Leadership Resources National Research Council, Teacher Advisory Council, Steve Olson and Jay Labov, Rapporteurs
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