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Join us each month as we focus on a topic of interest to STEM Teacher Leaders with a webinar panel, open
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Exploring Opportunities for STEM Teacher Leaders

In this facilitated discussion starting November 4th, we will discuss discuss STEM teacher leadership opportunities that can help teachers build a foundation for exemplary practice and begin to stretch themselves as leaders. We invite your participation!


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Hi everyone - so nice to get to talk with many of you yesterday!

I'm Kirstin Milks, a high school science teacher in Indiana, and I'd love to provide information about the Knowles Teacher Initiative (including writing for our journal, Kaleidoscope) as well as PAEMST.

Please let me know if you have any questions -- or just post to say hello! Looking forward to networking so we can all keep learning how to stretch ourselves as leaders. :) Kirstin

Thu, 11/05/2020 - 8:18 AM Permalink
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Hi everyone!  I enjoyed hearing many of your stories and experiences last night.  I learned so much from all of you so thank you for sharing.   

I'm Denise Schultz, an instructional math coach with the Rochester City School District.  Over the years I have engaged in many wonderful and inspiring opportunities to grow as a professional but my experience as a NOYCE Fellow tops them all.  I would be happy to continue to share my experience as a NOYCE Fellow and will answer any of your questions.  Please dont hesitate to reach out!

There really are a lot of opportunities out there for us to improve our own practice and to continue to grow as STEM teacher leaders!


Thu, 11/05/2020 - 12:44 PM Permalink
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