Theme of the month

Theme of the Month

Join us each month as we focus on a topic of interest to STEM Teacher Leaders with a webinar panel, open
discussion, resources and blog post. 

Our work is informed by a STEM ecosystem model which acknowledges that effective CS/CT learning is the product of the entire connected academic enterprise, including school leadership, teacher and student resources, available learning opportunities, along with prior experiences, encouragement, and training.
The Coding Science Internships project aims to create and research simulated internship curriculum units that confront barriers to broader participation in computer science and position coding as a tool for doing science.
This project aims to understand how preschool children can apply computational thinking, or CT, while developing their narrative skills, and how early childhood educators can integrate CT into their literacy activities.
This video shares the vision and goals of TunePad along with experiences of undergraduate computer science students and middle school youth in a summer camp on creative musical expression.
This NSF-funded project aims to identify CT concepts and skills that align with the abilities and interests of preschool children and support the school readiness goals established by early learning programs and policies.
The Constellations Computing Equity Project is comprehensive and research-based. It includes on-going workshops, classroom-based coaching, and virtual support. The professional development (PD) is content-focused, emphasizing collaboration to build community with teachers, integrating active learning in the classroom, offering opportunities for feedback and reflection, and is sustainable over multiple years.