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Computational Thinking in Early Language and Literacy


Public media producers from WGBH and researchers from Education Development Center (EDC) are collaborating on The Development of Computational Literacy through the Integration of Computational Thinking and Early Language and Literacy Development in Urban Preschools.

This project aims to understand how preschool children can apply computational thinking, or CT, while developing their narrative skills, and how early childhood educators can integrate CT into their literacy activities.

In the project's first year, we convened a forum with experts in CT, literacy, and early childhood. Since then, through formative research of a learning intervention called The Story Emporium, we have learned a great deal about how preschool children can apply CT by recognizing and decomposing patterns in children's books and by leveraging digital technology to create their own stories.

We produced the following video to give preschool teachers who are testing The Story Emporium an overview of the project. The intervention and educator supports described in this video will be piloted next year.

NSF Awards: 1814007

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May 2020
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