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CS4All Springfield: An integrated CS/CT K-5 curricula

W. Adrion
Katie Bevan
Rachel Chouinard
Paul Foster
Annie Leonard
Laura Rita
Florence Sullivan
Scott Wohlers
Melissa Zeitz

CS4All Springfield is focused on developing integrated computer science and computational thinking curricula for Kindergarten through 5th grade that will be implemented across K-5 classrooms in 32 elementary schools serving 12,000 students. Springfield Public Schools (SPS) serves 89.8% students of color; 76.7% economically disadvantaged students; 17.3% English Learners; and 23.5% students with disabilities. Our goals are to: 

  • Pilot equity-based CS/CT lessons relying on dyads of teachers working as design teams in grade-level PLCs in two grades each year.
  • Leverage design team teachers to serve as CS/CT instructional coaches and support their colleagues in a diffusion of curricula across all Springfield elementary schools, supported by tightly-coupled research and evaluation.
  • By the end of four years, all 600+ SPS K-5 teachers enact design-based, integrated CS/CT lessons in their classrooms. 

During years one and two of four: 

  • Integrated CS/CT lessons werer piloted and refined for 16 K and 3rd grade classrooms and lessons are under development in 16 1st and 4th grade classrooms. 
  • More than fifty K and 3rd teachers received professional development on delivering CS lessons with a strong focus on issues of equity and began to deliver the curricula in 28 schools. 
  • Researchers and practitioners collaborated in design and delivery of  the curricula and researchers are providing evidence of teacher and student learning of CS/CT, increased collaboration and leadership skills among the PLCs, and characteristics of schools, communities, and teacher/school incentives and disincentives for wide-scale implementation of CS/CT lessons.

NSF Awards: 1837086

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May 2020
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