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In this video, we will provide an overview of, a site designed to provide resources to those in engaged in primary and secondary computer science (CS) education research. This site features a repository of manually-curated data
on over 500 articles focusing on primary and secondary CS education research across ten targeted venues, 2012-2018, and over 150 evaluation instruments, many of which are focused on computing. Users can search for articles by filtering various curriculum and activity components, including student demographics, instructor demographics, and program components. Users can also search for evaluation instruments on criteria such as type, year published, constructs measured in the instrument, and whether the instrument has been validated or tested for reliability. We will provide a brief summary of the rationale for the site, the current state of the site, and how educators and researchers are using the site to date. We will also discuss future plans for the site.

NSF Awards: 1625005162533517574021745199

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May 2019
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