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Digital Engineering Internships: Assessing Students’ Ability


With inclusion of engineering as part of the Next Generation Science Standards,  design challenges are becoming an increasingly important part of school districts’ science curricula. What are the ways that teachers can monitor students’ learning progress? This video showcases how attention to both work products and processes has the potential to provide to teachers evidence of students’ ability to engage in engineering practices, with a particular emphasis on optimizing design solutions, which includes iteration, systematic investigation, incorporating feedback, and combining elements of previous designs. We will also explore our approach to reporting, designed to help teachers make use of the information to identify areas in which their students are struggling, and to provide just-in-time support for specific engineering practices.

NSF Awards: 1119584

Grade Level: Grades 6-8

Presented in: 2017 (see original presentation & discussion)

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May 2017
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