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Early Career Noyce Teachers’ Self-Efficacy

This exploratory study, supported by the National Science Foundations' Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program—Noyce Research, focuses on examining factors influencing the retention of early career teachers in America’s high-need schools. Drawing on a sample of Noyce Teachers, this study investigates the role of teachers’ personal support networks and self-efficacy on teacher retention in high-need school settings. Specifically, this study focuses on whether and how early career Noyce teachers’ personal networks and self-efficacy impact teacher retention in high-need schools. In this video presentation, we will focus on presenting our exploratory findings regarding the sources of self-efficacy that identified by Noyce teachers, the relationship between overall self-efficacy and the sources of self-efficacy, and how teachers’ self-efficacy might influence their personal support network.

NSF Awards: 1660597

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May 2020
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