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Video Showcase

The STEM Teacher Leadership Video Showcase features 3-minute videos submitted by teacher leaders and those engaged in creating teacher leadership programs. View their inspiring stories!
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Description: Teacher leaders should be involved in the decision making process of establishing purpose, policy, and program in education. Since the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) release in April 2013, I along with five other standards writing team members have been involved in a program called Hawaii NGSS Professional Learning for All Science Educators Program or Hawaii NGSS PLEASE. This program provides K-12 educators in Hawaii with professional development experiences which have fidelity to the vision of A Framework for K-12 Science Education from the National Research Council and the NGSS.



Kenneth, Such an amazing opportunity for you and for the teachers you worked with! Agreed that it is so important to have experienced teachers involved in the decision making process of establishing policy and program in education -- especially in science. Your work in helping teachers collaborate and develop Hawaiian-centric lessons for students is so interesting and a great model for other states with different cultures to learn from. I'd love to learn more about how your work in this effort has continued.

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Your message for teachers to be involved in STEM education reform through leadership is so important! So often I find that teachers don't recognize the influence and credibility they have when it comes to contributing to policy and advocacy.

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Al Byers

Few would argue with the importance of the teacher voice in development of education policy. The wisdom of practice is crucial to help policy achieve its potential when translated for enactment in the classroom. Kudos on that Mr. Huff. I resonate with these sentiments and appreciate the notion of developing locally germane lessons that draw from authentic and proximal phenomena for student investigations and problem solving. Doing so would help ignite students curiosity and passion for learning as teachers engage and enveloped students in understanding and improving the world that they live in daily. Thank you for this video.

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Ken is a great example of how teachers need to play a greater role in changing educational outcomes. His message demonstrates leadership in ongoing professional development with the inclusion of the unique local needs/learning opportunities; making learning concepts more meaningful and purposeful for all students.

He is a dedicated example of a teacher-leader and many more are needed to change education into a more relevant, balanced PS-16 system; and in turn creating more awareness of the needs of U.S. based schools in this competitive, growing global arena of careers. 

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