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Video Showcase

The STEM Teacher Leadership Video Showcase features 3-minute videos submitted by teacher leaders and those engaged in creating teacher leadership programs. View their inspiring stories!
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Kathryn Hobbs

Delene, Thank you for sharing your work in this video. Teachers learning from teachers, sharing experiences, strategies and knowledge provides can be such a powerful PD experience, especially for elementary STEM teaching. Clearly, this local level leadership has had a tremendous impact on so many students.   

Tue, 03/05/2019 - 2:00 PM Permalink
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Al Byers

The more we learn, the more we lead!

Passion, Pedagogy, Content Knowledge, Instructional Strategies and instill Best Practices...Very motivational leadership PD model for elementary teachers, where they collaborate as colleagues, side-by-side. Looks like an awesome professional learning in engineering design for elementary teachers. I love it! Thank you for sharing. Onward and upward!

Mon, 03/11/2019 - 12:11 PM Permalink

Delene, your program is amazing and I would love to replicate in my state. To have the teachers actively engaged in the EDP is so powerful to their understanding of STEM and how to use it in their classrooms. Congratulations.

Wed, 03/20/2019 - 3:43 PM Permalink

Hello, we are working with elementary school teachers in NYC selected for the Master Teaching Fellows program and finding it challenging to build teacher's confidence to work with adults. How did you achieve that?

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It’s eleSTEMary! -Elementary STEM builds Teacher Leadership

Description: How can we bring STEM into more elementary classrooms??  In 2012, we created a professional development organization to share our love of STEM education with our colleagues in the Pikes Peak region. We are EleSTEMary, a small group of elementary teacher leaders, who share our unique experiences, trainings, knowledge, and instructional strategies in elementary STEM through our monthly workshops.  Our elementary students deserve the best education possible and that includes STEM. Many teachers are trained to be effective reading, writing, and math teachers but many are uncomfortable with science, technology, engineering and even math (STEM) So, we created a way to increase the understanding of STEM and inspire elementary teachers to use STEM in their teaching. To date, we have lead over 60 workshops, training over 2,390 elementary teachers, impacting over 157,500 students in our region and beyond. So we are literally putting STEM in elementary… it’s eleSTEMary! The mission of eleSTEMary is to promote a greater STEM education awareness among elementary educators as they work to incorporate 21st Century Skills contributing to the preparation of scientifically and technologically literate citizens and future workforce.