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IUSE Preservice teach-to-avatar instructional skill practice


The shift in teacher preparation from knowledge acquisition to practice-based instructional activities has moved online, which has been accelerated by COVID-19.  As a result, more students may be opting for virtual learning in the future.  This provides the opportunity for pre-service teachers to engage in the deliberate practice of questioning and discussion techniques before delivering actual instruction (virtual or in person) to students in a safe virtual environment.  Additionally, pre-service teachers are prepared through an equity lens to engage all students in discussions.  Using Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle, participants experience teaching a STEM lesson in an online real-time simulation to avatars. After receiving feedback and viewing the video of their teaching, participants reflect on the experience.  They then complete an online module modeling for skill development and understanding after which they apply their newly developed knowledge and skills in the simulation.

NSF Awards: 2020972

Presented in: 2021 (see original presentation & discussion)

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May 2021
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