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SF CALL Year 3, Computing for All Levels and Learners

This is an update on the third year of progress of the SF CALL project. Our mission is to nurture equitable K-20 computer science career pathways within public education systems.  We pursue the following strategy.

Objective 1: At the K-12 level, SFSU supports SFUSD in becoming the first large urban school district to implement a preK-12 CS curriculum in their CS for All initiative.

Strategy 1.1. SFSU faculty work with SFUSD staff to adapt curricula and to deliver PD to district teachers.

Strategy 1.2. Pedagogical support for CS majors who serve as classroom assistants directly in district middle school and High School CS classes.

Objective 2: Increase success for all groups in SFSU college CS coursework.

Strategy 2.1. Innovative Supplemental Instruction workshops for difficult bottleneck CS courses. These workshops are taught by pairs of near-peers, successful upper-division students.

Strategy 2.2. SFSU Metro Academies provide intensive mentoring for at-risk students in CS related majors at SFSU and City College of SF

Strategy 2.3. PINC (Promoting Inclusivity in Computing) creates new CS career pathways. Revise the pedagogy of CS courses by adding more problem-solving and design projects.

Objective 3: Partner across sectors to improve student job opportunities.

Strategy 3.1. SFSU partners with SF Chamber of Commerce & South SF City to develop industry internships for CS students.

Strategy 3.2. SFSU creates CS supplemental authorization for in-service and pre-service teachers.

NSF Awards: 1649277

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