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Video Showcase

The STEM Teacher Leadership Video Showcase features 3-minute videos submitted by teacher leaders and those engaged in creating teacher leadership programs. View their inspiring stories!
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Alma Spicer Miller

Description: Listen to Alma Miller, the Elementary 1990 District of Columbia Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Science Teaching, share her STEM Camp project.

In this camp for for children in grades Pre-K – 5, she selected a team of retired educators and high school volunteers to work with the children on STEM projects that allowed the campers to explore the world around them.

Science Math Engineering


Alma, this is an inspiring presentation.  It was valuable to hear how the STEM Camp emerged from your pastor's recognition of your gifts of leadership and ingenuity — I have always felt that communities ought to see their teachers as resources beyond the school walls.  It would be interesting to get into more detail about surprises and challenges you met along the way, as well as how the community came to see the project. Thanks!


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Alma, I'm so happy that you shared how your own leadership started with an invitation from someone who saw a spark in you! It speaks positively to how we, as teacher leaders, can build up other leaders by extending an invitation to them to expand their impact.

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Al Byers

There is so much we can do to make an impact in the lives of those we are charged to serve and this video speaks to what is possible when we are open to looking beyond the walls of our classrooms. I appreciated the community outreach aspect of this video with the images gracefully sliding across the screen in the background demonstrating the STEM opportunities being described. Learning outside of the classroom can happen in many, many venues!

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We are doing something similar at UNO with inner city students in grades 7 and 8 as a summer camp. We partner with Girls INC to provide access to STEM lessons and hands on activities/projects, as well as discussions and sessions on wellness and how to deal with challenges in their community. It is so important to provide access for all students to engage with STEM!

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