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The Wearable Learning Cloud Platform: Playing and Designing

This research project involved the creation of a software tool for the development of Computational Thinking and Mathematics Content knowledge for K-12 students and teachers. It is called the Wearable Learning Cloud Platform (WLCP), a learning technology innovation started with an EAGER award, and now supported by two NSF awards from the IIS/Cyberlearning program. Currently hosted at, the WLCP is a web-based technology tool and game editing platform we created, which enables teachers and students to play, create, and experience technology-augmented learning activities. In a 14-week project-based  Game Play and Design professional development program,  middle school teachers played, designed, tested, and implemented mathematics games in the classroom with their own students. This program engages teachers and students in mathematics games by utilizing mobile technologies as a vehicle for highly active, highly social, collaborative game play and game creation. It also addresses the growing need of teacher professional development and technology integration in the classroom, sitting at the intersection between technology as a medium for mathematics teaching and learning, and the development of computational skills as an end in itself. Through game creation and playing, the WLCP provides the benefits of mobile technologies and collaborative learning to develop students’ higher-level thinking in STEM classrooms. 

NSF Awards: 1917947 and 1652579

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May 2020
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