Meet Denise Aquino, Pacific Noyce Scholar

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Kevin Carr

Meet Denise Aquino, a Pacific University Noyce Scholar preparing to transform STEM for students in her home community. 

Denise is the daughter of indigenous, rural, Mexican parents who immigrated to Oregon and live in the small community of Molalla. Molalla and the surrounding area are home to a vibrant Latinx community grounded in agricultural work and immigrant heritage. The teaching force, especially in STEM classrooms, is predominantly white and middle class.

Denise has been hired starting in Fall 2019 to be a middle school science teacher in Molalla.  Many of Denise's students will experience, for the first time, having a STEM teacher of their own gender, culture, community, and language. They will see themselves in Denise, and see themselves in STEM

The Pacific Noyce program will continue to document Denise's teaching journey; look for us next year!

NSF Award(s): 1439628

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May 2019
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