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This month's theme, moderated by Joi A. Spencer, will explore 4 intersecting topics: (1)Instructional practices that impede and those that promote African American mathematics learners, (2) Mathematics Identity Development of African American students, (3) The racialized experiences of African American learners in mathematics, and (4) Culture in the mathematics classroom. Be sure to register for the upcoming webinar panel, read the intro blog (coming soon!) join the online discussion, & browse related resources.

Webinar Panel: Race, Equity and Mathematics Education
Date: August 11, 2020 at 3:00PM EDT
Facilitator: Joi A. Spencer
Panelists: Tornette Franklin, Amy Bergeron, Tichina Ward-Pratt, and Dorothy Y. White

* If you plan to attend this webinar, please read the resource The Racialization of Mathematics Education prior to attendance.

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