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K. Renae Pullen

July's theme, moderated by K. Renae Pullen, will explore the importance of mentorship in the STEM teaching profession. Be sure to read the intro blog, view the Online Panel recording, join the online discussion, & browse related resources.

Next Generation STEM Mentoring: An Important Lever in Elevating the Profession
Recorded: July 19th at 5pm EDT
Moderator: K. Renae Pullen
Panelists: Richard Velasco, Suzanne Botta Sullivan, Jeanane Charara, and Jeanne Norris
Description: No teacher is an island. Unfortunately, sometimes it can feel that way especially for new STEM teachers. In this online panel, K. Renae Pullen (moderator) and panelists explore the importance of mentorship for teachers of STEM subjects.



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