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Join us each month as we focus on a topic of interest to STEM Teacher Leaders with an expert webinar panel, open
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We are EleSTEMary, a small group of elementary teacher leaders, who share our unique experiences, knowledge, & instructional strategies in elementary STEM through monthly workshops.
This journey of a teacher leader is about taking chances & following your passion! A teacher's career is not restricted to the four walls of the classroom.


We hope that this discussion will elicit various stories showing how you have exerted teacher leadership in the past, and perhaps how that has changed over time. Please introduce yourself and  share your story.


(This is sample content for Beta Testing purposes) PAEMST Awardee, DeLene Hoffner and Noyce Master Teacher, Denise Schultz discuss their pathways to teacher leadership.


Brian Drayton
Dr. Brian Drayton blogs about four teacher leader stories and discusses their pathways to leadership.
Brian Drayton
It is telling that we still need to make the argument that teacher professional development (PD) (for teachers already in the workforce) is not effective if it’s short and episodic. Indeed, it is possible now to state “best practices” for teacher learning programs (see here for NSTA’s statement, for example) which show a lot of sophistication — bearing the student in mind, making sure that the PD…
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