Theme of the month

Theme of the Month

Join us each month as we focus on a topic of interest to STEM Teacher Leaders with a webinar panel, open discussion, resources and blog post. 

Intro Blog

K. Renae Pullen
K. Renae Pullen reflects on this month's theme with an introductory blog post that explores a new consensus report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.


Join this facilitated conversation to discuss how elementary teachers can leverage their expertise and experience to help students wonder and be curious as they explore the natural world and design solutions to real world problems that matter to them. The conversation will bring together sound evidence, big ideas, and actionable next steps that we all need to take! We invite your participation!

Webinar Panel

Synthesis Brief

Brian Drayton
In this brief, Brian Drayton provides a synthesis of this month's theme "Uncovering the Brilliance of Children: Science in Elementary," that highlights key points and suggested recommendations discussed by those who participated in this month's discussion and webinar panel.