Theme of the month

Theme of the Month

Join us each month as we focus on a topic of interest to STEM Teacher Leaders with a webinar panel, open discussion, resources and blog post. 

December 2019

Leading Without Leaving the Classroom

Jay Labov
Margo Murphy

Join us in December for the first STEM Teacher Leadership Theme of the Month where we will focus on the theme "Leading without Leaving the Classroom," facilitated by Jay Labov and Margo Murphy. Be sure to read the introductory blog post, view the recording of the interactive online expert panel, & view the month-long online discussion.

Claudia Walker Jose Rivas
Julie Olson Barnett Berry

Expert Panel: Leading Without Leaving the Classroom

Facilitators: Jay Labov and Margo Murphy
Panelists: Claudia Walker, Jose Rivas, Julie Olsen, and Barnett Berry



Theme Videos

We are EleSTEMary, a small group of elementary teacher leaders, who share our unique experiences, knowledge, & instructional strategies in elementary STEM through monthly workshops.
We tell the story about how the Noyce Master Teacher Fellowship program at the University of Rochester supported teachers in their growth as agents of change.  Growing as teacher leaders, each fellow focused on their instructional practice and expanded their sphere of influence to positively influence their classrooms, schools, and districts.

Intro Blog

William O'Brien
William O'Brien kicks off this month's theme, "Leading without Leaving the Classroom," with a blog post that describes his own journey as a classroom mathematics teacher and his thoughts on the upcoming expert panel and facilitated discussion. He invites all members to take an active part in sharing their experiences by commenting on this blog post.

Webinar Panel

Facilitators: Jay Labov and Margo Murphy
Panelists: Claudia Walker, Jose Rivas, Julie Olsen, and Barnett Berry



In this facilitated discussion starting December 5th, we will discuss the challenges and opportunities that exist for teachers who want to stay in the classroom to work directly with students but also want to continue developing professionally as a STEM teacher leader. If you were unable to attend the online Expert Panel, you can view it here:

Synthesis Brief

Brian Drayton
In this blog post, Brian Drayton provides a synthesis of this month's theme "Leading Without Leaving the Classroom," that highlights the challenges discussed by experienced teacher-leaders and other educators who participated in this month's discussion and expert panel.