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Designing Interdisciplinary STEM Curriculum for Impact

Presented by:
Beth Schlemper
Kevin Czajkowski
Sujata Shetty
Victoria Stewart

One of the objectives of our study is to empower students in grades 9-12 with the methods and tools needed to address challenges and make meaningful contributions to their communities, while also inspiring their awareness and interest in STEM careers. Students use inquiry and place-based learning to explore topics they recommend, such as crime, community needs, parks & community gardens, and housing. Based on our findings from two summer workshops and literature on best practices, we are developing curriculum modules for teachers in both the social studies and physical sciences that engage students actively in the learning process and promote civic engagement. Each module is designed to reveal what students know and understand about the topics as well as what they want to know about them. The curriculum includes real-world content with a multi-disciplinary perspective that integrates student centered inquiry and requires the use of geospatial data and technology in increasingly complex ways through learning progressions. Ultimately, the curriculum modules engage students authentically with careers through the application of content and skills to career paths. While our project is designed around ideas of promoting citizenship among students of traditionally underrepresented groups, who live in neighborhoods with a variety of environmental and social challenges, the curriculum will be applicable to students living in a variety of contexts and geographical settings.

NSF Awards: 1433574

Presented in: 2017 (see original presentation & discussion)


Grade Level
High School
Instructional Materials
Broadening Participation
Culturally Responsive Teaching
Published Date
May 2017
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2017 STEM for All Video Showcase
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