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Collection of Free Resources for Pre K- Elementary

This list contains links to free online resources that we have compiled in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
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This list contains links to free online resources. We will be continually adding to this list. If you have a resource that you would like to add, please email it to us at:

  • STEM for All Multiplex provides 3-minute video presentations created by federally funded projects who have developed quality free STEM resources for teachers, students and parents. Links to the videos as well as to the free resources are provided.
  • Head Start on Engineering is a bilingual, family-centered program designed to engage preschool children and their parents and caregivers in the engineering process. The program focuses on the engineering design process, rather than the field of engineering, as a topic and skill that is highly relevant to the everyday lives of families, helps make engineering feel approachable, and easily connects to early childhood play and learning practices
  • Focus on Energy uses an innovative approach to engage elementary students in learning about energy. The curriculum is comprised of a sequence of firsthand investigations including motion, elastic, thermal, and electrical energy. Each investigation is framed by an investigation question, followed by hands-on activities.
  • The Inquiry Project takes a unique approach to the study of matter for grades 3–5. It brings together core ideas, scientific practices, and crosscutting concepts. The curriculum for each grade is built around a network of science concepts. These concepts are relevant to understanding matter and include ideas about material, weight, and volume.
  • New Jersey Center for teaching and learning provides free digital course materials to support students learning K-12 science, mathematics, and computer science. These include presentations, labs, tests, homework, and formative assessments.
  • TeachEngineering is a digital library comprised of standards-aligned engineering curricula for K-12 educators to make applied science and math come alive through engineering design.
  • Hour of Code provides a variety of fun, student-guided tutorials for all age groups and experience levels. Students do the activities on their own, though many activities include lesson plans for teachers (you'll see the link when you click the activity) to guide discussion or extend the activity.
  • is a searchable online database of education technology tools that facilitate online classrooms and teaching, allowing educators to search for free and discounted tools and services by grade level, product type, and subject matter.