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Next Generation Science for Next Generation Kids

Video from the 2019 STEM for All Video Showcase
Kristen Daehler
Jennifer Folsom
Jennifer Mendenhall
Patrick Moyle
Nicole Wong
Published In
2019 STEM for All Video Showcase
Published Date
May 2019
Grade Level
Middle School
Subject Area

Teachers new to NGSS, especially elementary, often feel underprepared. Many teachers do not have NGSS-shifted curriculum, feel uncomfortable with the science content, or simply struggle with finding time for science. Even teachers that are fully on board need to have these supports addressed.

However, in order for implementation to be successful, they need district-wide support — that is access to quality curriculum, freedom to dedicate time to science or to integrate science into other subjects, and professional learning that supports content development and the necessary pedagogical shifts. When all those things happen you get something that's much bigger than just quality science education — you get better teaching all around. 

Through Making Sense of Science and Literacy, an Investing in Innovation (i3) project, we have worked to address the needs of teachers on all fronts. This video provides a a glimpse into our process and some of the educators we've supported on their journey to NGSS implementation.