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Point of No Return Clean Energy Film and Curriculum for K-12

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Middle School
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The gripping story of the first solar powered flight around the world, chronicled in the documentary, Point of No Return, is the dynamic launchpad for new clean energy curriculum for K-12 classrooms and distance learning.



The Point of No Return Educational program uses the award-winning documentary, Point of No Return, the inspirational story of the first solar-powered flight around the world as a jumping off point for hands-on inquiry based K-12 STEM curriculum focusing on clean energy, sustainability and climate solutions. The film and Next Generation Science Standards aligned enrichment curriculum will strengthen environmental literacy and help students develop skills necessary to take on 21st century challenges posed by climate change: critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration – the “4 CS” of 21st century learning. Hands-on activities will include building small scale solar powered machines, designing efficient batteries, and imagining future sustainable cities. Like the Solar Impulse team, students will be encouraged to try and fail and engineer creative solutions - empowering them to become tomorrow’s problem solvers and innovators in the transition to a more sustainable future.The program is modular and can be utilized for in person learning in classrooms or after school programs or at home during distance learning. Program is free for a select number of Title 1 schools - visit to apply for free program.